‘Bunad’ is a collective term for Norway’s popular & enduring national costume. With upwards of 200 different variants representing the many fjords and mountains of the country, Bunad is experiencing somewhat of a renaissance in recent years - especially within the 20 somethings. Aside from May 17th, one of the most popular events celebrating the costumes is the annual Landskappleiken, which showcases the very best in folk dance and music.

I deliberately shied away from capturing Bunad in a romantic manner - posed with cabins, water pails & woods of the 18th century and choose to photograph them formally within a modern context.

This sequence was shot over a couple of days in Geilo, with participants placed to display pride in their Bunad’s details and symbolism. Numerous areas are represented - from Hallingdal, Valdres and Hardanger to Numedal, Finnmark & Røros. Series shot on a Phase One IQ250 plus Profoto lighting & modifiers and ambient light.

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