Generation Geilo: Portrait of a Community

Nestled between two of Norway’s most majestic national parks, the mountain town of Geilo attracts adventurers from all over the world. But its beauty is more than skin-deep: Geilo isn’t just a thriving town, but the civic embodiment of a different mode of being.

Strained by the seemingly inexorable global trend of populations gravitating from the countryside to the city, Geilo began to pioneer a model of sustainable tourism, one aimed at sustaining not just the precious local ecology, but the local community too.

Ten years on, the town has successfully transformed its fortunes. Visiting Geilo — and struck by the buoyant, tenacious and diverse community spirit I found there, I began to create this environmental portrait series. Shot over the period of one year, I set out to document the people who have been instrumental in ensuring that the future of Geilo will be as rich, and rooted, as its past.

Andrè & Mari Bjørnstad 

Kjetil Larsgard, 10th Generation Hill Farmer

Anne Brusletto & Kompis, Slaatta Skisenter

Karina Brogaard & Heidi Aasheim Tragethon, Samsara

Asle Kirkevoll, Geilo Hestesenter

Torgeir Skrede, Director of Sports NTG

Ole Kristian Kirkevoll, Snow Creator

Frode Aga, Restaurant Hallingstuene

Aileen & Pete, Tuva Turisthytte

Geilo Fire & Rescue Service

Jarle Rueslåtten, Cheese Maker

Johan Helland, Statoil Geilo

Jarle Uthus, Prestholtseter Mountain Cafe

Duane Butcher, Trail Builder

Rune Lundsør, Epic Events & Snowboard Museum

Kjell Eikrehagen, AKA The Ice Man

Andreas Uthus, Project Leader of Steen & Lund

Kunt Medhus, Radio Hallingdal

Thomas Tragethon, Geilo Tomteservice

Vojtěch Hejtmánek & Martin Kádrle, Full On Adventure

Elisabeth Korsane Langeby, Sous Chef & Confectioner

Ragnar Nicolaien, Cross Country Ski Trail Master

Kunt Erik Fosskaug, Geilo Ski Patrol

Petter Braaten, Hallingskarvet National Park Manager

Roger Nicolaisen, Electrical Engineering Apprentice

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