Elephant Magazine Issue 45

For over a decade Elephant Magazine has championed the best the international art world has to offer.

Elephant publishes a healthy mix of daily online stories, interviews and reviews alongside a hefty biannual printed magazine - with Issue 45, published in May 2021, receiving a fresh redesign.

One of the Issue 45’s features is a profile of the great photographer and multidisciplinary artist Ingrid Pollard, with Elephant Deputy Editor Louise Benson digging into Ingrid’s long career challenging the preconceptions of race, gender and identity.

To accompany the in-depth article, my portrait of Ingrid on a tricycle was chosen - as I learnt that it is one of Ingrid’s favourites of herself and she wanted to save it for a special occasion. What an honour!

I met Ingrid at her home in North London to make a series of portraits to celebrate her being a recipient of the esteemed Awards for Artists, given by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation. Initially nervous (who isn’t when photographing fellow photographers - especially one with such an insightful career) Ingrid made me welcome as was very open to my ideas.

After a coffee and a good scout around her home, I decided on a number of set-ups and costume changes, which Ingrid fully embraced (including standing on a very precarious garden wall with a 20+ drop). We had a great time making the pictures and as we wrapped to grab some lunch, I spotted a tricycle in the hallway. Always looking for something extra and not necessarily falling totally within the client’s brief, I asked if she would pose on the tricycle. Ingrid loved the idea, so we shot a few on the street pavement and a final one across the threshold of the front door.


Once finished, we relaxed in the kitchen where Ingrid rustled up a baked potato and we chatted about travel, heritage and early career ambitions.

Thank you Ingrid for your artistic trust in me, and Louise at Elephant for embracing the portrait.

Discover more about Ingrid https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ingrid_Pollard

Buy the magazine https://elephantkiosk.art/product/elephant-45 

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