Neutral Exposure Podcast

I was recently invited to participate in the podcast series Neutral Exposure, created by Al Simmons.

My episode, Ep10, follows an esteemed and diverse group of photographers - including Benedict RedgroveLee-Ann OlwageAlastair Wiper and Richard Ansett - all shooting in different styles and focusing on a myriad of subjects. I feel honoured to be in their company.

Al and I discussed my work, approach to creating personal projects and some of their transformations into commercial assignments. Work spoken about, in-depth, includes The Hidden City, Alphabet Soup, Arktisk Grenseland and Welcome to the Quiet Zone, and I’m really delighted and humbled with the messages of support and positive feedback I’ve received since transmission.

A personally enlightening experience, so I hope you enjoy listening as much as I had recording it. Let me know your thoughts 🎧 😊 📸

You can find Neutral Exposure via all the regular podcast platforms - I’ve featured both Apple Podcast and Spotify here. Enjoy!

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