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  1. Another Place Press - Field Notes 015

    In recent years a small, independent publisher called Another Place Press has developed an enviable reputation for offering a noteworthy selection of photography books that champion image makers with a keen eye in developing narratives focused on forming a sense of ‘place’ Some of the most well received photography books…

  2. Creative Boom

    I am really chuffed that the good people over at Creative Boom have featured my work *Arktisk Grenseland*. Creative Boom also showcased my work Generation Geilo: Portrait of a Community a few years back too. Damn fine of them. Thank you Emily Gosling & Katy Cowan.

  3. The Race Vets of Finnmarksløpet

    Pre-dawn light is shrouded in muted winter cloud, producing a surreal red hue across a frozen field of resting dogs. Two race vets pose for me in a perfectly still -25ºc, accompanied by a solitary sound - the deadening muffle of an axe chopping lumps of icy meat Welcome to…

  4. The Barents Sea

    As a child looking through copies of the National Geographic I was always drawn to stories about the Arctic with its remoteness, challenging weather and rapid seasonal change and sunlight. One of the areas that looked particularly distant from my teenage years in Stevenage was the Barents Sea, with its…

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