We Teach Music

‘We Teach Music’ is a far reaching journey through the length & breath of the UK capturing music teachers in their regular school working environment. Commissioned by Musical Futures - the 20 location, 20 portrait series details a network of educators committed to developing & sustaining innovation in the music classroom.

Shot back-to-back over 15 days whilst driving 2,156 miles + boarding planes, such a trip is increasingly rare - a bold decision to allow a photographer to fill a car full of equipment and start such a visual odyssey. I’m very grateful to MF for the opportunity.

My wish was to pictorially chronicle several themes to create a snapshot of the UK’s music departments. The teachers’ personalities featured heavily but with a strong contextual reference to their working surroundings. I wanted to illustrate the huge variety in building design, construction and condition found in the UK’s schools, along with the personal objects many teachers bring into their cherished classrooms. A book has been subsequently published.

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